LutheranPreferred, a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), is a carefully selected network of quality healthcare providers selected to become part of your employer’s medical benefit plan.

The LutheranPreferred
team of physicians, hospitals, and other providers have joined forces in a cooperative effort to help control the cost of healthcare while assuring that quality services are provided. Not only will you receive the best benefit your medical plan offers, but you also receive negotiated, discounted rates from LutheranPreferred network providers.

The LutheranPreferred network is managed by MedPartners. The MedPartners organization provides employers with a variety of cost-effective options addressing a wide range of needs. LutheranPreferred is just one option that an employer may choose from to address their individual needs. Click here for more information on MedPartners, or call MedPartners at 260-435-7901 or 260-435-7903.

LutheranPreferred is a locally, wholly-owned subsidiary of
the Lutheran Health Network and managed by MedPartners.